Thursday 7 November 2013

Lord Nelson visited Masterton on Sunday 03-10-2013

As per the post heading - Lord Nelson visited Masterton on Sunday afternoon and has provided the following pics.
The Cessna 185A Skywagon ZK-CBY (c/n 0420) was imported and used by Rural Aviation Ltd of New Plymouth as a dung duster (actually as a sprayer initially). In April of 1967 it migrated down to Farmers Aerial Topdressing Co Ltd of Invercargill, and by mid June that year it was listed to N.Z. Tourist Air Travel of Queenstown.
On New Years Day of 1968 it overturned on landing at Cattle Flat.
It changed its hat to the Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd on  18-07-1973 followed by The Mount Cook Group from 07-02-1978 and carried the fleet number 10 at this stage. It was damaged on the Upper Tasman Glacier on 11-08-1982 and became fleet number 23 about this time. It then transferred over to Tourism Holdings on 30-06-1998 before going to staff member Tony Delaney at Mt Cook on 11-03-1999. It joined Sky Sport (NZ) Ltd on 03-11-1999.
Below we have the Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-DZO (c/n 212) which went away to Pakistan and the Sudan in 1976 and returned to NZ for refurbishment by Super Air Ltd in 1993. It was then rebuilt with the extended fuselage and a PT6A-34AG engine and first flew with this combination from Hamilton on 04-10-2006 as the "Fletcher 2000 EX". Here we see the pilot Jeremy Trail using a battery pack to kick start the PT6 for another days work.
Heading away to work is the PAC Cresco 08-600 ZK-LTW3 (c/n 019). This was originally ZK-WAT from 07-07-1997 and became ZK-LTW on 03-10-2012. Pic via Lord Nelson.

A nice line up of WWI aircraft getting prepared for the Armistice Day commemoration day.
A mufti Avro 504K ZK-ACU (c/n A202) out in the solar radiation.


  1. The Avro 504K will be ZK-ACU. This is New Zealand's oldest aircraft - it would be great to see it flying this Saturday.

  2. Thank you Sir Minty.

    Would you care to list the registrations of that WW1 line up ?
    Could be worth a chockie fish !

  3. Is ACU back in the air?
    That's good news.
    I understand that it has beengrounded for quite some time with engine problems.

  4. I reckon the line-up is Albatros DII replica ZK-JNB, SE5A replica ZK-SEO, Fokker DVII replica ZK=FEV, Sopwith Pup replica ZK-PPY, Sopwith Triplane replica ZK-SOP, Albatros DV replica ZK-DVA, Pfalz DIII replica ZK-FLZ, SE5A replica ZK-SEV and Fokker Triplane replica ZK-JOC

  5. Nice one Sir Minty - Saves me doing the research - well worth a chockie fish.

  6. The DVII is ZK-FOD, FEV is one of the DVIII's.

  7. Although it is the DVIII FEV in the photo!