Friday 29 November 2013

Denney and Skystar Kitfoxes of New Zealand (2)

On further investigating Kitfoxes of New Zealand, I have discovered another one which means that we have had 19 Kitfoxes in New Zealand to date.

The next Kitfox to be registered was ZK-FYM (c/n 1113/AACA/770) which was a Kitfox III with a Rotax 582 engine that was built by Rohan Rudd of Christchurch. It was first registered on 5/8/93 but did not fly for some time after this. Unfortunately it was damaged in a forced landing caused by weather at Kawhia on 17/11/00, and it was cancelled on 14/4/05.

I do not have a photo of ZK-FYM.  Does anyone out there have a photo they can supply?

ZK-EWC (c/n 1640) is a Kitfox IV that was built by Ernie Collings of Wanaka.  It was first registered on 17/5/94 and was officially upgraded to a Kitfox IV on 7/10/03.  It was sold to RW and EK Roberts of Timaru on 14/3/09 where it was photo'd by Blue Bus.  It ground looped at Timaru on 19/5/09 but I assume it was repaired as it is still current, (as are all the following Kitfoxes in this post).

ZK-SDU (c/n 1114) is a Kitfox III that was built in Nelson and was registered to the Kitfox Syndicate on 17/5/94.  It was sold to the Kitfox Trust of Stoke on 27/8/96 and then to PE Thomas of Rotorua on 24/3/97.  The above photo was taken at Tauranga.

ZK-KIV (c/n 1642) is a Kitfox IV built by Charles Lamb and Arthur Ainsworth of Christchurch and it was first registered on 1/12/94.  Arthur Ainsworth took over sole ownership on 4/10/05 and it was re-designated as a Class 2 microlight on 11/01/12.  It is still current.  The above photo was taken at the 2001 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton.

ZK-JFA (c/n 94080051/MAANZ/527) is a Skystar Kitfox IV that was built by Alex Taylor of Gore, and was fist registered on 22/3/95.  It is photo'd above by Blue Bus at Gore, on 6/10/99.

ZK-WFC (c/n SAA 778) is a Skystar Kitfox IV that was built by Winston F Copland of Dunedin, and was first registered on 31/5/95.  Thanks to Winston Copland for the photo.

ZK-PCA (c/n C94080052) is also a Skystar Kitfox IV, and also originally from Dunedin.  It was built by Peter C Anderson and was first registered on 13/9/96.  It first flew in 1998, piloted by John Penno.  It is photo'd above at the 1999 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton by Greybeard.

ZK-PCA was sold to RL and LH Wine of Tirau on 21/5/05, and they re-registered it a ZK-WRL on 29/6/05.  it suffered an engine failure on 21/4/12 and force landed in a barberry hedge, however it is being rebuilt and is close to flying again.  Thanks to Ralph and Lois Wine for the photo.

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