Thursday 4 April 2013

Snapshots at Nelson

The recent Classic Fighters Airshow held at Omaka afforded an opportunity to view the current aviation scene across the top of the South Island.

The following are taken at Nelson on 28 March with a strangely overcast sky.....

The Nelson Aviation College Cessna 172P ZK-FLA is yet to receive the operator's colour scheme and no doubt a  personalised registration. 

Garden City Helicopters BK117 ZK-IMN is the primary rescue helicopter at Nelson with AS350 ZK-HQT as backup. 

Piper PA34 ZK-JDH has lived all of its time in NZ at either Nelson or Motueka and is seen here in its current role as multi engine trainer for the Nelson Aviation College.  The college recently took delivery of PA44 ZK-NAH which sadly remained hangared at Nelson for the duration of our stay. 

Cessna 172S ZK-SAN of Soundsair

Another Nelson Aviation College aircraft no doubt awaiting a repaint and identity change, Cessna 152 ZK-TUT. 

Nelson Pilot Training Sportstar Plus ZK-NPT. 

Nelson Aero Club Cessna A150M ZK-DRJ.  the Club has had a rough time in recent years and the latest news can be found

The Copter Shop Vans RV6A ZK-RVJ. 

The Copter Shop L39 Albatros ZK-TCS.

Anatoki Helicopters Robinson R44 ZK-HWP while their AS350BA ZK-HWF remained hangared. 

Nelson Pilot Training Sportstar Plus ZK-MAC. 

Air NZ Link has in the last few months introduced ATR aircraft on some flights in/out of Nelson and  -600 series ZK-MVB visited twice on the Thursday prior to Easter weekend to provide addition capacity between Wellington and Nelson.

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  1. I think ZK-TUT may be owned, or at least strongly sentimentally looked after, by Penny Mckay. It's a beautiful plane to fly!