Friday 12 April 2013

Omaka as Seen by Grant Newman (3)

The Classic Fighters 2013 airshow at Omaka over Easter weekend is the airshow that keeps on giving!

 Below is a selection of magnificent WW 1 replicas photo'd by Grant Newman, mostly from The Vintage Aviator collection.

Bristol Fighter replica ZK-JNU.

DH 5 replica ZK-JOQ.

Graham Orphan's Classic Aircraft Nieuport N 11 replica ZK-NII.

Three Fokker Triplane replicas from the rear:  Above ZK-JOC.

then ZK-JOK.

and ZK-FOT.

Followed by 3 Sopwith models from the front:  Above Triplane replica ZK-SOP.

then Pup replica ZK-PPY "Betty".

and Camel replica ZK-JMU.

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