Sunday 28 April 2013

Another grass roots day at NZRI

Thanks to Russell and Lynda Brodie for opening their airfield for the masses today.
The northwesterly across the Canterbury Plains kept some of the punters away - but as is often the case - Rangitata Island remained near calm for most of the day.
 It was a neat chance for the kids to have a poke around. Try that at your average local.

 Maureen (aka Mrs Caribou) went for a ride in Tiger 43 (ZK-BRL) followed by a post flight inspection. (You will see more of Mr Caribou's photos on blog soon).
It was a great day to catch up with other blog contributors - Mr and Mrs CMM - Mr and Mrs Caribou - Matt Hayes - Bluebus - Colin Hay - John Nick - Paddy M - Russell Brodie - Allan Bowman and forgive me if I have overlooked others.

Check out Matt's site at

Below are two of the above.
No ! that is not a security fence - but where were security when these two characters showed up ?
Pic from Allan Bowman.

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