Friday 19 April 2013

Bolkow 105 ZK-HVA

MRC Aviation earlier posted on this machine Odd BO prior to the helicopter having ZK marks applied.  

MBB BO-105 CBS4 ZK-HVA/4 was registered to Oceania Aviation Ltd on 08 April this year and it was photographed outside their Ardmore facility 18 April wearing its ZK marks. 

This is the fourth use of the marks HVA.  They have previously been worn on a Hughes 369D, Bell 206B and most recently a Robinson R22.

Colin Hunter photo

Oceania Aviation have since registered another two 105's from the same previous operator, the Jordanian Police, with ZK-IBO and ZK-IBP being placed on the register 17 April and tucked away in their ever busy hangar.

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