Sunday 28 April 2013

Rangitata Island Sunday. 28-04-2013.

 A distant visitor - from Silverdale - was Des Barry's Vans RV7 ZK-DES3 (c/n 70334) which was listed to Spectrum Trade Ltd on 03-11-2010. This had a previous life in the US as N174RL.
 The Airdrome Airplanes Fokker D-VII ZK-FKG arrives from Ashburton.

Below : I believe that this is the first occasion that these two have been seen together.
Greg Burt's Airdrome Airplanes Fokker's D-VII ZK-FKR2 (c/n NZ101) and Graham Ritchie's Fokker D-VII ZK-FKG2 (c/n 25022010).

 Above we see ZK-FKR climbing out, and below it returns from its mission. Allan Bowman pics.

 The two aviators being Chuck "von" Berry above and "Baron" Ritchie below.
Allan Bowman pics.

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