Saturday 20 April 2013

Dothy spraying 1975.

Dothistroma, or needlecast fungus was accidently introduced into the NZ Pinus Radiata forests in the 1960's.
Extensive aerial spraying has been carried out now for many years.
Below are some photographs taken by Des Smith showing his part of the 1975 operation.
ZK-DDA on the military strip at Waiouru in 1975.

Above ZK-DDA reloading near Rotorua November 1975.

The Team line up at Kaingaroa in November of 1975. ZK-DDA nearest.

Above ZK-DDA on take off from the Iwatahi strip, 1975.

Two shots of ZK-DDA at work.
For a better understanding of Dothistrama go to the following link :-


  1. These are some cool photos, thanks for sharing them Des.

    What are the chances ZK-CBG is in the lineup? I have a photo from RJD dated 16/11/75 showing her with a similarly distressed paintscheme.

  2. The "distressed" paint scheme was Turtle Wax, applied with a spray gun, to help guard against the corrosive effects of the Copper that was being applied.
    It was cleaned off when the season ended. (and what a B****R of a job THAT was...)

  3. Thanks for that snip of info Anonymous.
    I thought the fuselages looked rather "plasticy". Now we know why.

  4. Did my FU24 type rating in DDA with Peter Wolf Jnr. Working 4 James Av in P Nth hanger, great times, great guys