Saturday 20 April 2013

Classic Aircraft Waco YMF ZK-CFL (2)

A trip to Auckland Airport with No 1 grandson today required a diversion to Ardmore to investigate the fabulous Waco biplane posted by Mike Condon yesterday.  Fortunately I could gain access to the hangar, and have a close up look at the plane, and take these photos.  It is very impressive!

The original Waco YMF biplane was built during 1934/35, and was reckoned by many to be the finest open cockpit biplane ever built.  This modern version was built by the Classic Aircraft Corporation in 1988 and features a Jacobs R 755 motor of 275 HP.

The front cockpit can seat 2 people and as you can see the top wing is set quite low to the fuselage.  This necessitates a small door on the port side to enable easy(er) entry from the bottom wing.

ZK-CFL will be flying South to its new base at Wanaka in the next few days as weather allows.

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