Thursday 16 August 2012


Boeing 737-3U3 ZK-NGF (c/n 28734)
The story of this relatively young and low houred airframe has been covered in the following two links.
We have here a selection of photographs as taken by Paul Drake at Christchurch yesterday (15-08-2012).

Paul comments that:-
B737 ZK-NGF has been parked outside at Christchurch for some time (ever since withdrawn, and particularly when the port side tail plane was robbed to fix the other B737 that was hit by a Pacific Blue/Virgin Australia B737 wing tip).
Normally situated outside hangar 5, and on odd occasions disappeared into the hangar 1 for a day or so. But, at the end of each day, it reappeared parked on the grass and the external view made it all appear that the aircraft was still pretty much intact.
Well, that was right until very recently . . . several weeks ago it was taken into Hangar One and it appeared outside early last week . . . . in a very different state. The poor weather stopped me venturing outside to get a good photo or two . . . until today.
Here it is . . . very sad looking B737 now, eh?? . . . with only the underside port wing showing the registration

There does not appear to be much left of it worth keeping . . . .

Thanks Paul

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  1. Really really sad to see her like that.. Had an awesome jumpseat flight in golf fox. The 73's will be missed