Thursday 30 August 2012

Homegrown Single Seat Homebuilt Aircraft of New Zealand (11) - Stewart Kerr Stuker

The Stewart Kerr Stuker was built by Stewart Kerr of Dunedin in the mid 1990's.  It is a mid wing design that looks a bit like the Rans S9 Chaos.  Construction is of steel tube fuselage and alloy tube wings, all fabric covered.  The motor is a Rotax 503, currently swinging a Brent Thompson propeller.

ZK-JFP (c/n 001) was registered to Stewart Kerr on 13/5/97.  It was sold to Andrew Gilmour of Taieri on 6/8/03 and then to Noel Wilson of Reefton on 8/4/08.  Finally it was purchased by Robin Baker of Palmerston North on 22/4/08.  Robin refurbished the aircraft and painted it in its current blue and white scheme.  It is hangared at Feilding Aerodrome where the photos were taken.  ZK-JFP has flown 215 hours to date.

This view of the cockpit shows the under wing clear panels which allow visibility below.

Thanks very much to Robin Baker for the photos.

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