Thursday 30 August 2012

Yeoman Cropmaster ZK-CTX parts.

The following was noticed on Trade Me.
So I have taken the liberty of posting it on this blog.
Can you help in any way to recover any of these items and help get this aircraft airworthy again.
                      Lost Cropmaster parts
Quote from TradeMe follows.

"Around 1973 Yeoman Cropmaster ZK-CTX was withdrawn from service (undamaged) and placed in long term storage. I have recently purchased this aircraft with the hope of restoring it to airworthy condition. Unfortunately over the period it was stored some major items have been removed. Can anyone help recover the following items.
Nose cowling (fiberglass)
Tail fin
Main instrument panel
Log book
These items would be of no use to anyone else and were in an undamaged condition when placed in storage. With your help this aircraft may yet grace the skies again."

Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 260CR Series 11 ZK-CTX (c/n 120) was registered to Southern Aviation Ltd of Gore on 30-05-1967. It was withdrawn from use in April of 1971 and cancelled from the register on 13-11-1973.
The above photo was taken at Taieri on 15-11-1967.


  1. Hi

    Am interested to know if this is the one that was involved in a take off or landing accident. I know that one was and then returned to service.

  2. Hi there Callum.
    To my knowledge ZK-CTX has no crash history.

    ZK-CCP crashed on take off at Browns.
    ZK-COE was written off (not sure how) at Waikana.
    Neither returned to service.
    Of the others ZK-CDI went back to Australia.
    ZK-CLW was withdrawn from use; as was ZK-CTX.
    ZK-CPW is still active.