Wednesday 29 August 2012

Tauranga sampler

Tauranga is the home of some very interesting aircraft.
Thanks to my secret squirrel I can show you four of these.
The Puffer Cozy 3 ZK-COZ (c/n E749/AACA/2085) was constructed by Frederick Libeau of Campbells Bay and first registered on 12-11-1992.  It was withdrawn and cancelled from the register on 24-11-1998 only to re-appear on 20-09-2007. A year later it was sold to Russell and Fiona Borman. This aircraft was designed by Nat Puffy andwas derived from the Rutan Long-EZ. This pic was taken prior to its post maintenance accident at Tauranga on 23-12-2011 when the canopy opened on take off.
Above is the Quickie Q200 ZK-FWF (c/n AACA/646). This is a two seater designed by the same Burt Rutan as mentioned above. The Q2 was a Dimberline Warren Syndicate project at Nelson and was registered on 11-04-1990. It first flew in 1994 with a RR Continental O-200A engine. I believe it was up for auction at Omaka in January of 2009. Its new owner was the Whangamata based David and Helen Sosich from 26-02-2009. It was then noted it for sale on TradeMe in October of 2010 with 105 airframe hours, being stored at Hamilton and last flying in March of 2009. Its current owner is Grant Nicholls of Tauranga. Grant has a couple of other interesting aircraft to his name.
The L M Harris Spitfire U/L ZK-JNM (c/n 002) was built by Harry Harris. See previous blog by Sir Minty on this one at :-
Rutan Long-EZ ZK-LET (c/n 306) has a very interesting history. Check out Sir Minty's previous blog on this one at :

Below is a view of it at Ashburton on 04-03-2007 when it had the Mazda engine and six bladed prop fitted.

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