Monday 27 August 2012

Cessna 172N ZK-EOG

The Cessna 172N ZK-EOG (c/n 71808) was allocated the US N5276E registration on the production line. It was  imported to NZ  by the agents Dalhoff and King Ltd of Ardmore and registered on 28-02-1979. Above we see her parked outside D & K at Ardmore on 04-09-1979. Foxpine Air Charter Ltd took it over from 22-04-1980 and it was seen below at New Plymouth on 11-09-1984 - still in its factory scheme but with Foxpine branding on the fin.
By mid June of 1989 it was with Christian Aviation Ministries Inc of Ardmore. It was syndicated to the EOG syndicate of Papakura on 12-09-1994. Then according to my information it was listed to Superhawk Holdings of Glenn Innes on 02-03-1995 and then to the Dempster - Stobbs Syndicate of Wellington on 10-04-1995. If you consult the CAA register you will see that it is currently listed to Superhawk Holdings as of 10-04-1995 !
Somewhere along the way it became a "Superhawk", as indicated by the wingtip markings. Does this mean that it carries a 180hp engine ?
One of the Superhawk Holdings members is Phil Pacey of Pacey Trucks - and it was seen at Wanaka, suitably marked, on 10-04-1998.
Below it was captured by the lens of Keith Morris at North Shore on Saturday 25th August 2012.

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  1. I can confirm it was never a member of the Dempster - Stobbs flock.