Monday 27 August 2012

Spotted in the Waikato

Aviationshotz made a trip to the Waikato this past weekend and came upon an airstrip just off highway 39 about 3km south of Ngahinapouri, west of Hamilton International Airport.
Cessna A188 ZK-CSL has been registered to a Waikato address since October 2006 and prior to this was on the West Coast. 
Grumman G164A Agcat ZK-MEW has been a NZ resident since 1991 when it was imported for tourist flights in Canterbury.  It has since changed hands many times and has been with the same owner as ZK-CSL since April 2010.
Superair have Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-JQB located at the strip. 
Flyernzl provides the following (from Wings over NZ forum 2009)
Fletcher Fu-24-950 ZK-DBG c/n 155 started life back in 1970 and served with Aerial Work in Marlborough before ending up with Feildair 10 years later. It's last flight was on 6Nov96. Super Air bought the airframe in 1999 and cancelled the registration in 2001. It has now emerged from a rebuild as a NZ Aerospace FU24-950 with a new registration of ZK-JQB and a new c/n of 156, which is a little surprising as 156 was ZK-DBF which was last heard of stored at Feilding!


  1. I'm thinking that you have the c/n's of the Fletchers reversed.
    ie ZK-DBF should be c/n 155 and ZK-DBG c/n 156.
    This then makes the change for ZK-DBG to ZK-JQB just a simple rebuild/re-registration.

    Is this what used to be known as the Krippner Strip ?

    Nice pics thanks.

  2. Yes this is Krippners Strip all 2000ft of it. Just outa the hamilton CTZ.

    As far as I am aware Tom Krippner is still in residence great bloke.

    Have used it many times whilst training at Waikato Aero Club and also to visist neice just down the road.