Thursday 30 December 2021

Whananaki Flyin Today 30-12-2021

Northern Aviators Club president Martin Farrand hosted the possibly last New Zealand flyin of the year at Whananaki (on the East Coast North of Whangarei), today.  The location is great and the weather was helpful with the wind right down Runway 21, and a good turnout of different types of sport aircraft attended.  Rusty Russell flew up from Whangarei in his MT 03 Eagle autogyro and he took these photos:

Tecnam Sierra RG ZK-TZS,  Ultravia Pelican ZK-MAL2, Just Aircraft Super STOL ZK-ZOE and Aeroprakt A 32 Vixxen ZK-VXN,

Magni M 24 gyro ZK-MGI, Vans RV 7 ZK-LDM, Fly Syntheis Texan ZK-TXN2. and then there are a couple of Aeroprakt Foxbats ZK-SGI and ZK-VAW as well an MTO Sport gyro ZK-RDM and Martin's Cherokee 180 ZK-CUC.

Another aircraft up from Springhill was Martin Harrison's Glastar Sportsman tri-gear ZK-SPZ. There is another Glastar Sportsman tri-gear that has been recently imported into New Zealand and registered ZK-MMX to a Private Owner - does anyone out there have any information on where this aircraft is based?

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