Tuesday 14 December 2021

A New Bearhawk at Ashburton Today 14-12-2021

The Hairy Mole Rat was passing through Ashburton today and photo'd this nice looking new Bearhawk:

It is ZK-NSB2 (c/n 1578B) that was registered to N S Bailey of Christchurch on 29/3/21.  However on 9/12/21 there was a Change of Paint Scheme registered with CAA.  I understand that this usually means that the aircraft is approved to fly with a registered paint scheme (and is usually seen on warbirds and WW 1 replicas that have historical paint schemes).  HMR advised that there was no registration painted on the Bearhawk, so maybe the B on the tail is all there will be.

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  1. These posts are so useful for detective work as I saw this at Ashburton on 24 June 2022 and had not a clue what the registration was at the time. I do now!