Monday 6 December 2021

A Couple of Older Aerial Devices from Koputaroa

Around the back of the hangar at Koputaroa were a couple of first generation microlights from Feilding:

Pterodactyl Ascender II +2 ZK-PAY (c/n BRW-1) was originally registered as ZK-PAX back in January 1988.  It is owned by the Early Bird Flying Syndicate of Feilding.

And Quicksilver MXL II ZK-KTA2 (c/n 308/MAANZ/472) is ex ZK-JAK and has been around since April 1992.  It is also registered to the Early Bird Flying Syndicate of Feilding.


  1. Was lovely to see them come in to the fly-in in formation and depart together, sadly camera wasn't handy both times to get pics of it!

  2. Looks great.

    How can I contact the Early Bird Flying Syndicate of Feilding please.
    Have googled but no joy.

    1. Hi Paul - I would contact the Manawatu Aviation Club, there is a contact phone number on their website.