Wednesday 15 December 2021

Cessna 185A poster - poser - resolved

 Back on December 7th I posted these two photos from Gary Knight.

Garry Knight wrote

I took these images of a bromide that we obtained in about 1982.
The framed bromide was 1300mm x 1100mm.
We bought a travel agent/gift shop in Oamaru that was closing and this image was part of the plant.
I wonder if anyone knows who the pilot is and the date of the image ?
 Then we can add that to the back of the picture for posterity ?

Below is an enlarged segment from the above photo

Graham Orphan of Blenheim responded thinking that the pilot may be John Evans.

It just so happens that John carries out restoration work most mornings and then guides in the Omaka AHC on Thursday afternoons.  
He has since helped hugely with a number of rebuilds there including the Nieuport ZK-NII; Fokker Triplane ZK-FKD and the not yet finished Fairchild F-24W ZK-AUN. He has also assisted with the Bristol Fighter ZK-BHS nearing completion at Omaka. 

 Graham showed John the photos and he admits that it certainly looks like him and comparing the black and white, and colour photos taken about the same time - the similarity is striking.

ZK-CBS was registered to Mount Cook Air Services on 05-09-1962 and John moved on from                                                           the skiplanes later in 1962.

So we are certain that the pilot in the black and white photo is John and the date is the late part of 1962.

Photo below from Graham Orphan shows John with ZK-CBS and passengers on the glacier. 


  1. When I first saw the photo I also thought John P Evans as I worked with him on the 748 from 75 through 84 , I showed the pic to another old skiplane/ pilot who cast doubt that it JPE , if John thinks so then probably right.