Monday 3 December 2018

Jodel D 11 ZK-FHB at Feilding

While I am on a Jodel D 11 theme, here is a recent photo of Dennis Moore's ZK-FHB taken recently at Feilding.  This aircraft has had a somewhat difficult history, (see my earlier post at: ), so it is great to see that it is almost ready to fly again.

Well done Dennis.


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  3. My apologies Tim for posting your photo of ZK-FHB without crediting you. I usually credit the photographer but in this case I did not have a record of who took the photo. I will take the photo down and look to source another photo of ZK-FHB. I hope this is not a big problem. Can you email me at - I will be down in Wellington later on in December and maybe we can meet.