Friday 21 December 2018

Slightly New Colour Scheme for Aerowork Crescos

Late in the day at Stratford, Mark Tocher arrived back in his Cresco 750 which was a new one since I was last down there in August (when the Cresco was ZK-LTW).  He has a garage door opener for his hangar so after carrying out his required engine checks he just taxies straight in and shuts the door.  Nice.

ZK-LTH (c/n 024) now has "aerowork" in a new font and a large green and white "R" on the fuselage and "aerowork" on the fin.  It is ex ZK-EFS and VH-END.

And after many times passing through Te Kuiti, I finally caught ZK-LTN (c/n 031) outside its hangar, also in the slightly new colour scheme.  This one is ex ZK-LTW2.

For comparison, here is ZK-LTW3 (c/n 019) at Stratford back in August.  Thanks to Delticman who pointed out the slightly new colour scheme.

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