Monday 24 December 2018

Air Chathams SAABs at Auckland International 13-12-2018

When I was waiting for my flight to Wellington (I usually allow some extra time), I carried on down to the Air Chathams base where their 2 latest SAABs were parked outside:

SAAB 340A ZK-CIY2 (c/n 340A-135) is now painted up in the Air Chathams scheme.  It has not been posted as such on the blog previously.

SAAB 340B ZK-CIZ2 (c/n 340B-357) was also parked up.  Their third SAAB ZK-KRA was up at the terminal awaiting passengers.
And at the adjacent Air Centre One, Wellington based Life Flight Jetstream 32 ZL-LFT2 arrived on a medical flight.


  1. Auckland International? Was this doing a charter flight to Norfolk? I'm confused why it was at International and not Domestic..