Tuesday 15 November 2016

Warbirds Armistice Day Airshow at Ardmore - Jets

During the third airshow slot between 3 and 4pm, it was the turn of the jets.  It was surprising to me how noisy they were.

BAC Strikemaster Mk 88 ZK-STR/NZ6362 (c/n 302)

 BAC Strikemaster Mk 88 ZK-NTY/NZ6370 (c/n 310)

De Havilland DH 112 Venom Mk 1 ZK-VNM3/WE434 (c/n 840).  It is painted up as an aircraft that was leased by the RNZAF in 1956 from the RAF Far East Air Force.

The Venom did a brief pass and departed, presumably for Wanganui.

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  1. Did Strikemaster NZ6370 have a rego change? I'm sure it used to be ZK-STR.