Saturday 12 November 2016

Piper PA 31 Navajo Chieftan ZK-FOP

A Piper Navajo that has not appeared on this blog before, has been sitting at North Shore airfield for the past few months.  It must have the equal most boring colour scheme of any local aircraft.

Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain ZK-FOP is c/n 31-7405227 (the 227th built during US fiscal year 1974).  Its history is as follows:

N54290 with Piper Aircraft Corporation, Lock Haven.

N888SG Sauvage Gas Company, Danbury, Nebraska 1975.
                Colorado Flying Academy, Englewood, Colorado 1977.
                WSW Aviation Inc, Douglas, Wyoming 1978
                E Goudet, Natchez, MS 04-12-1978.
                Aero Services Inc, Union City, Tennessee 09-1983.
Ferried Tonga to Christchurch 17-10-1987.
US registration cancelled 11-1987.

It has had an extensive history in New Zealand, as follows:

ZK-FOP with Pacific Aircraft Sales (NZ) Ltd, Christchurch 17-12-1987.
                Named 'Edgewater Express'.
                Pacifica Shipping (1985) Ltd, Christchurch. (Pacifica Air).
                Airwork (NZ) Ltd 1984 Ltd, Ardmore 17-10-1988.
                Mt Cook (Lease).
                Airlink Services (NZ) Ltd, Christchurch, Lease from 17-08-1989.
                Airlink Services (NZ) Ltd, Christchurch, 31-10-1989.(Kevin Dore & Mike Pero).
                Capitol Aviation Ltd, 17-12-89 (Lease).
                Airwork (NZ) Ltd 1984 Ltd, Ardmore 14-12-1989.
                Airwork Holdings  Ltd, Manukau 20-02-1990.
                Capitol Aviation Ltd 25-05-90.
                Airwork, 29-10-1990. as "Pacific Air Ambulance".
                Airwork Holdings Ltd, Papakura 08-08-2003.
                Airwork Flight Operations Ltd, Auckland 08-01-2009.
                Great Barrier Airlines Ltd, Auckland 01-12-2015.

 At Christchurch on 1/3/88.

and again at Christchurch on 17/8/89.

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  1. Now without props at NZTI, with only door titles remaining. Looking very abandoned.