Tuesday 15 November 2016

Tauranga snips for 14-11-2016

Grayson Ottaway caught the Piper PA-28-151 Warrior II ZK-ELX (c/n 28-7715291) from the Aviation Training Ltd's Taupo operastion at Tauranga yesterday.
It got an earlier mention HERE
After its Bay Flight career it became part of Helipro Aviation Training from 23-01-2012 and then joined the current operator on 19-11-2014.
  Below we have two pics from Hairy Mole Rat also taken at Tauranga yesterday.
 A mix of Gyrocopters as spied at Tauranga - with four new unregistered examples on the left.
Cessna 152 II ZK-TAC2 is c/n 15279588 and was re-registered on 06-10-2016 by the Tauranga Aero Club (Inc) from ZK-FMV.
See earlier  FMV link

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