Sunday 6 November 2016

Another New Type of Gyrocopter - the Titanium Explorer

Photographed recently in the leading Edge Aviation hangar at Parakai, is the TAG Aviation Titanium Explorer Gyrocopter ZK-RBZ.  Thanks to Brendyn Pilcher of the Whangarei Flying Club for the photo.  It was first registered in to Gyrate Auckland Ltd on 13/9/16.

TAG Aviation Pty Ltd was formed by Neil Sheather and Andrew Pepper in Australia in 2009.  Neil was formerly the Australian agent for the Spanish ELA autogyros (of which we have 3 in New Zealand) and he has designed an improved aircraft based on the ELA autogyro.  The main structure of the Explorer is made from titanium, which is a first for a gyrocopter, and the carbon fibre and fibreglass body has sidepods for storage.  Power comes from a Rotax 912 and the propellor is a 6 bladed unit.

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