Tuesday 22 November 2016

It's Coming Up to Monarch Butterfly (Gyrocopter) Season

In a previous post on yet another gyrocopter at Tauranga, I posted that according to CAA records there are 68 gyrocopters registered in New Zealand.  While this is true it only reflects those gyrocopters that are registered under the category of "Gyroplane"., such as the Calidus, Cavalon and MTO Sport models - these are all 2 seaters.

However, I realised there are other single seat gyrocopters that are registered as Class 1 microlights.

Originally the ZK-RAA to ZK-RDZ block of registrations were reserved for gyrocopters, but now they can be registered with any registration.

And this brings us to the Butterfly Aircraft Monarch Butterfly ZK-YZM (c/n B208) that was built by WP Terry at Stratford and was first registered on 14/10/11.  However it was not completed for some years as it is photo'd above by Nick Furmage during test flying at Stratford in January 2015.  ZK-YZM is registered as a Class 1 microlight and is now registered to a Queenstown address.

I did a quick check of our registered aircraft types, and I reckon we have around 106 gyrocopters registered here, so around 40 must be Class1 microlights.

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