Sunday 27 November 2016

Hope - springs eternal

Back on the 18th of this month I dropped into a private strip near Hope.
And there I found the lovely Pietenpol Aircamper M/L ZK-ABY(c/n 02-ZK-ABY) which was first registered on 22-09-2016 to a Private Owner.
Its first flight was recently carried out by Evan Belworthy.
The Sonex Ltd Sonex ZK-WBS (c/n 160) was registered to Bill Sargent of Ashburton on 24-04-2003. Bill now resides in Richmond and the aircraft is based here.
There are two Zenith Zodiac CH 601-XL's on site.
ZK-RZB is c/n 6-9832 has been listed with Charlton Properties of Richmond since 25-05-2006.
ZK-ZNR is one airframe earlier with its c/n of 6-9831. It came onto the register on 13-06-2006 and is now listed to a private owner.

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