Tuesday 15 November 2016

Warbirds Armistice Day Airshow at Ardmore - Stearmans

A couple of Ardmore based Stearmans flew a display in the early afternoon slot.

ZK-PJS "18" (c/n 75-4245) is a relatively recent import, being registered here in May 2013.

ZK-BOE2 "77" (c/n 75-5064) has a much longer history in New Zealand being the original Warbirds Stearman that was imported by Len Cowper in 1982 and flown here as N4036.  Len took it to Hawaii for a time then re-imported it.  After a period of inactivity it was registered as ZK-JID on 27/11/98 and finally it was re-registered as ZK-BOE2 on 19/3/15.



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