Wednesday 30 November 2016

Some recent Christchurch fixed wing sightings.

Below we have four fixed winged aircraft noted at Christchurch International over recent days.
 The Cascade Whitebaiters Ltd's Cessna 185A ZK-CMS (c/n 1850482) has been mention previously 
This has the Horten STOL conversion - note the turned down wingtips and the changed wing leading edge compared to ZK-CKP below.
 Another ex Mt Cook machine is the Cessna 185D ZK-CKP (c/n 185-0796) which went to the Otematata Station Ltd in December of 1987.
This one has also been posted before HERE
 The Auckland Aero Club (Inc) first listed the Cessna 182T ZK-JRY briefly in August 2008 before it went down to Hanmer Springs for Paul Hood at the end of the year.
In December of 2013 it returned North to Leanne and Stephen Davies of Auckland and from 26-06-2014 it was back with the Auckland Aero Club.
On the 22nd I caught this long shot of the Falcon 900EX N993AM (c/n 265) departing Christchurch for Kerikeri.
It is listed in the books of the Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Trustee and is operated by Affiliated Managers Group Inc.


  1. Without being a know it all I think ZK-CMS has a sportsman STOL wing cuffs with the Horton Wing tips, the Horton STOL cuff have wing fences and aren't quite as pronounced droop.

  2. Yo there Mit.
    I bow to your superior knowledge on these matters.