Monday 21 November 2016

Three Helicopters at Ardmore 20-11-16

Caught Kawasaki BK117 B2 ZK-IPT msn 1080 of Search & Rescue Services Ltd Taupo at the fuel pumps just before 07.15 yesterday. It has been at Airwork undergoing work but after taking on fuel it departed to the south.

Just over 12 hours later I photographed what I assume to be ZK-HMR a MBB-BK117 B2 msn 7173 operated by Helilink but marked as BK-HMR at the same fuel pumps. I believe this is appearing in a film being made in the area.

Just before 20.20 I caught Eurocopter AS 355 F2 ZK-HFS msn 5388 of Albany based Heletranz Ltd returning to Airwork and at around 20.43 taking on fuel . I assume by the extra items attached to it that it is involved in film work.

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