Sunday 13 November 2016

Warbirds Armistice Day Airshow at Ardmore - V12s

As I posted recently, the NZ Warbirds hosted an Armistice Day airshow at Ardmore today, 13/11 16.  The weather largely co-operated although there was quite a bit of cloud.  Most of the the usual warbirds machines flew displays, but the most ear tingling were the two V 12s:  F 51  Mustang ZK-TAF and Tr9 Spitfire ZK-WDQ.



  1. Slip of the finger there, the T-51 is the same shape, but missing a big V-12!
    I'd love to see any of the Catalina at 12:00, I was on it!

  2. Thanks for that Errol I have changed it to a F 51 but I reckon it really is a P 51. I thought the catalina displays were great and I will post some photos. It made lots of flights, what one (time) were you on it?

  3. I think by the time they made ours they changed from P-51 to F-51 - hence the designation on the NZ register?
    But T-51 is used by Titan Mustangs :-)
    12:00 Noon

    Errol (diff google A/c at work)

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