Friday 19 February 2016

Three from Napier.

I had a quick peek at Napier yesterday (18-02-2016).
 From the hangar doorway we see the Cessna 180J ZK-DXW (c/n 53685) which has been with Aerospread Ltd since February  of 2012.
 And two over the fence shots showing the Pacific Aerospace CT/4E ZK-PTH (c/n 207) as listed with Alleasing New Zealand Ltd of Napier. 
This Plastic Parrot started life as ZK-PTH back on 17-11-1998  before going on lease to the RNZAF as NZ1992. 
After withdrawal from the Air Force it rejoined our civil register as ZK-PTH again on 03-03-2015.
And parked up on the grass is the Flight Care registered Cessna 421C ZK-WLG (c/n 421C0492). First listed in NZ in May 1983 it has been with Flight Care since 18-06-2008.


  1. Dave are you going to be at Bridge Pa this weekend? if so it would be great to catch up with you .

  2. In the photo of DXW you can also see the fuselage and wind parts of the Cresco involved in the crash at Otane. Is it to be rebuilt?

  3. ahem...should be wing parts

  4. Evening Peter.
    I am there now - should be until about 1400 hrs Saturday. The Blue Bus (aka La Vida) will be parked just inside the aerodrome gate. I will be wearing Croks on my feet and an Australian Stetson type hat & carrying two cameras.

  5. ZK-WLG is to soon be parted out to be a source of spares for the Golden Eagle based out of New Plymouth.

  6. Thanks anon. Another 421 gone then. That will leave just TAM and STV.