Wednesday 24 February 2016

N415TA at TG

Two pics from Grayson Ottaway taken at Tauranga yesterday (23-02-2016) showing the Progressive Aerodyne Searey N415TA (c/n 1018) which had been in the area for a couple of days.
This got a detailed mention previously on the MRC site :-


  1. The owners 'boat' SuRi is now out of NZ waters I think. They also own EC130 ZKHTI and had PC12 ZKTIL until recently. They also run a Global Express N801KF and on board SuRi lives a Squirrel N609MK I think it is. The owners are behind the golf course development Tara Iti near Mangawhai, Northland district.

  2. 08-750?????
    08-600 even with PT6 engine!!

  3. Yeah I know that - but some of the aircraft are marked as -750's, so I tossed that in to see what response I got.