Wednesday 17 February 2016

Hurry up and wait.

The gliding action scene at Waipukurau today 17-02-2016
 Gliders ZK-GNK, ZK-GJJ, ZK-GGR, ZK-GLO and ZK-GKM on the pickets.
A no contest day.
 Three towplanes at  rest.
Above is the Piper PA-25-235/250 ZK-CIG (c/n 25-3012) from the Wanganui Manawatu Gliding Club.
 Piper PA-25-235 ZK-SUG (c/n 25-4749) is from the Wellington Gliding Club.
There were a few words previously on SUG at :-
Above we see the Robin DR400/180 ZK-TZB (c/n 1043) as listed with the TZB Syndicate of Taupo.
TZB got a mention earlier at :-

I suspect tomorrow will be more of the same - only wetter as well.


  1. Hey Blue Bus .enjoy your travels in HB
    My sympathy to the gliding people.
    Often gliding isat the mercy of the weather gods .