Sunday 21 February 2016

New Sport Aircraft at 2016 SAANZ Flyin, Hastings

The SAANZ flyin at Bridge Pa in Hastings on 19 - 21 February was down in numbers over previous years due no doubt to rough weather over the preceding days.  However, Saturday the 20th was sunny with light winds as you can see in the photos.  I counted around 50 sport aircraft on the airfield around mid-day.

I was not expecting many surprises but I was delighted to find a couple.

John Hansen flew has Hansen Deuce ZK-JFH (AACA/586) to Hastings from Te Awamutu.  John has been constructing this aircraft for many years.  It was originally registered as a Bakeng Deuce on 20/4/90 but was deregistered on 9/9/05.  It was re-registered on 13/12/12, this time as a Hansen Deuce to  reflect the many changes John  has made to the original design.

Vans RV 7A ZK-ECE2 (c/n 73638) was built by Steve and Pauline Carr of Tauranga, assisted by Andrew Thompson (builder of RV 7A ZK-RRV).  It was first registered on 20/1/15 and this was its first SAANZ national flyin.

Another Vans at its first national flyin was the locally based RV 8 ZK-PDN (c/n 83211) was initially constructed by Peter D Nunn and was first registered on 5/6/13. It was sold to the Vistic Trust of Hastings on 1/6/15 for completion.  As you can see it is a work in progress but it has flown.  It is covered with a shrink fit vinyl covering.

A surprise was Blenheim based Murphy Rebel ZK-VAN3 (c/n R798) which is owned by the Little Oasis Trust.  It was first registered on 14/1/15.

I reckon another aircraft attending its first national flyin was Sonerai II LS ZK-SNJ (c/n 062592265) which is Matamata based and was first registered on 14/11/12.  It is shown above with the other members of the Richmond Racing team, Sonerai's ZL-SNW and ZK-SND.

Previously posted by Blue Bus, but attending their first national flyin were Zenith CH 650-UL taildragger ZK-LMG2 (c/n 65-8884) which was built by John and Lyn White of Takapau.  It was first registered on 19/8/14.

And John Fraser's Masterton based Cavalier SA 102 ZK-JJF2 (c/n FE 1).  It was first registered on 11/9/13.  This is another very long term project and it was great to see it making its first national flyin.

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