Thursday 11 February 2016

North Shore Miscellany 10-2-2016

At North Shore yesterday there were also several interesting fixed wing aircraft to photograph, as follows:

 A newly re-registered Cessna 182T ZK-AFT2 arrived.  It is registered to an Auckland owner who took over the aircraft on 8/9/15 and on the same day re-registered it.  It was previously ZK-WFL and ZK-EGB, and before that was ZK-WFL for the first time, being first registered on 20/5/05.

An unusual visitor was the Parakai based PAC 750XL ZK-SDF of Skydive Auckland.  It was first registered on 13/8/08.

And the third of North Shore Aero Club's Robin R 2120U's to be painted in the club's scheme is ZK-TZH .  it was first registered on 4/12/01.

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  1. Thanks for the post.s North shore airfield is always good to visit .The deck is a good spot for photo.s too .