Tuesday 23 February 2016

Some rotary wings at Taupo.

After departing the SAA fly-in at Hastings I called in at Taupo.
I found three helicopters parked up.
 Aerospatiale AS 355F1 Twin Squirrel ZK-IPA ZK-HPA2 was noted at Taupo on 20-02-2016. A 1981 built helicopter which came to NZ for Airwork (NZ) Ltd from 16-07-1996. It has since done time with Helilink, back to Airwork Holdings, Helilink again and then a lease with the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust before returning to Helilink in 2007. It now carries "Inflite" titles.
  Aerospatiale SA315B Lama ZK-ISK is c/n 2020-13. 
This was built as an Aerospatiale AS318C Alouette II in about 1968 and went to the Philippines as PI-C1202 followed by RP-C1202. 
It then did a stint in one of the obscure French colonies as F-OGIB before becoming HB-XLT in Switzerland  in December of 1980. It was involved in a most unfortunate fatal accident at Munch on 05-08-1986 when the door opened and the pilots jacket fell out hitting the tail rotor. 
It was returned to France to be rebuilt as F-GHYM2 before heading off to Japan to become JA6117 in February 1992. It worked with Toho Air Services until being badly damaged on landing at Tazawako Obanai Helibase on 23-10-2008 when a tarpaulin was sucked up into the main rotors. 
It joined the NZ register as ZK-ISK with Northland Helicopters of Kamo on 22-08-2012 transferring to T and P Williams Ltd at Taupo in April of 2014.
It carries "Lake View" titles and the name "Jack".
 The Hughes 369D ZK-IPH (c/n 911062D) is seen landing at Taupo (above) and at Hastings earlier in the day (below) both on 20-02-2016.
Of 1981 vintage it worked in the States as N5291X before being registered in NZ on 17-10-2011 with Te Anau Deer Ltd. By 05-10-2015 it was listed with HeliA1 Ltd of Otorohanga and carries "Evergreen" titles.

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