Tuesday 24 February 2015

Some parting shots

The Blue Bus is slowly cutting tracks back towards Quake City.
Below are two last shots from Motueka taken on the 22nd.
Robinson R44 ZK-HAZ2 (c/n 0745) from Coast To Coast Ltd at its home base. It joined them on 12-05-2011 from Australia.
The Cirrus SR22 G2 ZK-STU3 (c/n 1900) from Cirrus One Ltd at the fuel pumps at Motueka. It has reportedly been in the area for several days.
An unexpected sight and sound at Nelson was the arrival of the Air Chathams General Dynamics Convair 440/580 ZK-CIE2 (c/n 399).
Bell 206B JetRanger ZK-HBO2 (c/n 570) from Kaikoura Helicopters was over for some maintenance.
And the Hughes 369D ZK-HXX3 (c/n 300675D) was parked out on the grass. It has been listed to Helicopter Charter Nelson Ltd since mid 2011. 
This was originally ZK-HSW between 1984 and 2000.
Above we have the Cessna 207 ZK-MDZ (c/n 20700171) at Nelson yesterday. 
It has been carrying out survey work down "The Coast".
(As posted a couple of days ago at Hokitika).
See amended NZHK post at :- 
Above we see the Cirrus SR22 ZK-STU at Nelson yesterday (23-02-2015) with the Australian registered Cessna 402 VH-SVQ parked beyond.

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  1. Quite a sense of humour there BB - some parting shots indeed then offering up a shot of an R44....