Sunday 1 February 2015

Healthy Barstard Omaka 31-01-2015 # 4

 A miscellaneous collection thanks again to Andy Heap.
Yes folks - a real 300hp Fletcher FU24.
The last FU24 Mk 1 completed in 1960.
ZK-BYC (c/n 78) is with Sean O'sullivan from the Killarney Farm Awamate Ltd of Wairoa,  but with Peter Blake flying it today.

 ZK-CGM(c/n 20111415) is the Aeroflight Aviation Ltd's Evektor Aertechnik Harmony; locally based. Flying being shared by Colin Marshall and Davit Marriott.
 The TL TL-3000 Sirius ZK-EBG (c/n 10-SI-13) carries the initials of owner Bruce Gordon of Marton.
 ZK-JRV2 (c/n 12-0316) is the Vans RV12 of Julian Coles down from North Shore.
 250hp of Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel ZK-MSR2 (c/n 012SR3) is down from the Cardinal Partnership (Ike and Trish Stephens) of Tauranga.
 Maule M-6-235C Super Rocket ZK-MTP (c/n 7465C) is Willie and Susan Macdonald's from Middlehurst Station. Willie Sage the listed pilot.
 The Wisnewski Family (Grant and Kevin) have two of their aircraft on field.
Above is the Stinson 108-3 ZK-NCC (c/n 108-3752).
This was built in Detroit in 1947. It came to NZ in 1997.
Below is their PZL Warszawa-Okecie PZL-104 Wilga 35A ZK-PZL2 (c/n 19840819).

 Jan Chisum in her Gardan GY-20 Minicab ZK-RJK (c/n AACA/187).
Russell Young's Blenheim based Piper PA-28-180B Cherokee ZK-SNE (c/n 28-1509) was built in 1963 coming to NZ with its UK owner in about 1978.
This is ZK-TIM2 (c/n 292) the Europa Classic of Tim Ward - up from Rangiora.


  1. BYC - beautiful!!!! I was so excited to see photos of her there, and to know she's out and about. My fingers are firmly crossed she'll be at Classic Fighters... Gorgeous photos, I've had to save them.

  2. Hi Handbag - if you want to send me your email I can send you the original (full size)