Sunday 15 February 2015

Recent Tauranga shots

Hairy Mole Rat has been on the case at Tauranga and offers these photos from the last few days.
 Above is the Tony Froude Flight Design CTLS ZK-FDE2 from Warkworth.
Pic taken on the 10th.
 ZK-ECE2 is relatively new to the register. This Vans RV7A was registered to Steve Carr on 20-01-2015.
As captured on the 13th.
 Back on the 5th - the Progressive Aerodyne Searey N415TA (c/n 1018) was noted in for maintenance and is seen here departing.
 Above we have something different.  
It is the Derek Holmes Sea and Sky Inc Cygnet ZK-PWG (c/n 20122) first registered in NZ on 12-02-2015. 
(although it is listed in NZ as a Sisler SF-2A Cygnet :which I think is a different animal
This Rotax powered weight shifter is ex N1050.  Photo taken on the 11th.
 Another new one is this Vans RV-3 UL ZK-WCO (c/n 11504) as registered to Chris Schadler on 10-02-2015 and photographed here on the 12th.
Registered to the Wairarapa and Ruahine Aero Club on 10-02-2015 was this Tecnam P2002-JF UL Sierra ZK-WRA (c/n 516). Seen here with their CFI in the right hand seat on the 13th. This is to replace ZK-MVT.

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