Saturday 21 February 2015

ZK-JAK at Christchurch

Bargeldo1 captured our newest Cessna 510 Mustang ZK-JAK2 (c/n 510-0347) today at Christchurch.

As N9043L it was built at the Cessna plant at Independence Kansas and registered on 17-09-2010 then delivered out to Australia where it became VH-SQJ on 02-12-2010 with the Singapore Flying College Pty Ltd at Marcoola, Queensland.
It was sold to Aeromil Pacific on 05-11-2014 for ops by Flight Options (Australia) Pty Ltd of Mudjimba, Queensland. 
It arrived at Auckland on 29-01-2015 and moved on to Hastings the following day and was registered as ZK-JAK on 03-02-2015 to Air Hawkes Bay. I believe it is Rotorua based.

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