Thursday 2 May 2024

An Omaka visitation by CMM (2)

The Gippsland GA-8-TC 320 Airvan ZK-YUG3 c/n GA-8TC 320-09-146 was listed to Capital Aviation Ltd of Wellington on 29-09-2022.
Initially briefly registered as VH-BQY3 on 29-06-2009 to MAF International before moving to Mount Hagan, PNG, to become P2-MFL2 with the Mission Aviation Fellowship on 01-10-2009.
Next move was back down to Australia to become VH-PGUwith VHBHR Pty Ltd of Fitzroy, Victoria from 31-08-2021.
It was ferried across the Ditch from Archerfield to NZ via Lord Howe Island on 05-11-2021.
It now totes a cargo pod.

The early history of the Jodel D.11 ZK-RNR c/n AACA/305/1 can be seen Here
Peter Gene sold it to Zach Dillon of Renwick in September of 2018, who in turn passed it on to Ed Hazlett of Blenheim from 09-0-2020 and it has now been listed with Kevin Hodson of Blenheim since 28-09-2020.

Not at Omaka but just 1.3km to the East at the Wairau Hospital was the Kawasaki BK117-B2 ZK-HGW3 c/n 1050 of GCH Aviation Ltd.
It has been previously mentioned numerous times Here.

All pics from CMM.

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