Sunday 5 May 2024

De Havilland DH100 FB.5 NZ5767 at Classic Flyers.

 De Havilland DH 100 Vampire FB5 NZ5767 was a pre loved example obtained from the Royal Air Force in 1956.
Originally delivered to the RAF with the serial WA374 on 11-05-1951 for the No 102 Flying Refresher School and later serving with 118 and 14 Squadron. 
It was struck off charge on 26-03-1956 and shipped to New Zealand aboard the Cumberland to become NZ5767 from 21-05-1956 and stored at Ohakea until January 1958. It then served with various RNZAF units until being withdrawn and placed back in storage, this time at RNZAF Station Woodbourne from March 1960. 
Photo above shows NZ5767 at Tauranga - probably during a Red Owl Exercise. Date and photographer unknow.
Photograph below comes from the RNZAF Museum and shows NZ5767 on the move at Ohakea with under wing tanks.
Reactivated in October 1960, it joined 75 Squadron at Ohakea and transferred to 14 Squadron, also at Ohakea, in May 1970. 
It was relegated to Instructional Air Frame status on 21 August 1970 as INST202 at No 4 TTS Woodbourne and did not fly again.
When retired from that role it was sent to the Air Force Museum and in time (2005), the fuselage pod was loaned to Classic Flyers and is seen below on display. 
It is seen parked beside the DH112 MkIV Venom which flew in NZ as ZK-VNM2.
Recently the Air Force Museum realised they needed the space occupied by the wings and tail section of Vampire NZ5767 and formally gifted the entire aircraft to Classic Flyers. 
All the stored parts arrived at Tauranga very soon after. Photos below.

As Classic Flyers already had a complete Vampire FB5, NZ5751, on a long-term loan basis, thought was being given to NZ5767 becoming Classic Flyers plinth mounted Gate Guardian - in place of the Swordfish replica, which had previously been built by volunteers at MoTaT, Auckland to form part of their Fleet Air Arm Display.
It was decided that because NZ5751 already had an authentic RNZAF livery, it was not essential this be repeated on NZ5767. So NZ5767 was painted bronze.

Photo from Mark Pattenden taken on 20-01-2024 showing the re-assembled airframe receiving its bronze scheme.

Below a photo from Peter Layne taken on 25-02-2024 showing painting complete.
As a very interesting aside - Jim Barclay flew Vampires with 75 Squadron - including NZ5767. 
For his great story see HERE

A special thanks must go to Peter Layne for his input on this blog post.

I know that I will be severely chastised for including this aircraft in this civil aircraft blog.
However it is certainly no longer a military aircraft.


  1. So let me get this right Keith: NZ5767, something of a time capsule in its RNZAF livery, has been painted bronze and is intended to be mounted on a pole?

  2. Yep. You got it in one there Ron.
    They still have the complete NZ5751 on display.
    Check the Classsic Flyers Facebook page for February 1st.