Friday 10 May 2024

Takapuna Then and Now

Yesterday I flew down the North Shore Transit Lane in lovely weather at 800 feet and and I got great views of all of the East Coast Bays. When I reached Takapuna I flew in the wake of Whites Aviation from 65 years ago:

Takapuna in 1959 by Whites Aviation...

And Takapuna yesterday in 2024.  I tried to get the same angle but I didn't quite get it right, I should have been a tad higher.  The same pohutukawa trees are still there but my tide is out.  For those who are familiar with the area, The Promenade runs down to the seaside carpark and Hurstmere Road runs parallel to the beach one block back.  Killarney Street runs parallel with Lake Pupuke at the top and Anzac Street is on the left.  The iconic Mon Desir Hotel has been replaced by lots of apartments and further up The Promenade is the Bruce Mason Theatre.

I hope that is not too much information!

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