Tuesday 14 May 2024

Newly Minted Vans RV 7 ZK-MNT at Waipukurau 12-5-2024

The Central Hawkes Bay Aero Club hosted their annual Dawn Raid at Waipukurau on Sunday 12 May and there was a great turnout of around 60 aircraft.  Most have already been covered here but one was wearing a new registration:

ZK-MNT (c/n 70334) was up from Masterton where it is based.  It was damaged in a take off incident in Northland a couple of years ago and was repaired by Northland Aviation at Whangarei.  During its time there it was re-registered as ZK-MNT on 11/9/23.  Thanks for the photo Jordan.

But if it looks familiar it is.  It it the "old" ZK-DES3 which was imported into New Zealand by Des Barry back in November 2010.  It is photo'd above taking off from North Shore on 24/2/13.

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  1. Northland Aero Maintenance carried out the repairs,
    Northland Aviation still exists but only in the role of Airport Management.