Friday 3 May 2024

Cessna 180J ZK-DXW and an Omaka visitation by CMM (3).

Cessna 180J Skywagon ZK-DXW is c/n 18052685 and came to New Zealand factory new to be listed with the agents Dalhoff & King Aviation Ltd at Ardmore from 14-06-1976. 
Photo below taken at Ardmore in early November of 1976.
It was then transferred to their Dunedin, Momona branch from 16-11-1976 and ultimately was listed to A S Drinkrow of Makaetai from September 1977 - the ownership partially overlapping his use of the Cessna 180C ZK-BVV.
As seen on 04-09-1979 at Ardmore.

Phillip Evers-Swindell of Pahiatua then picked it up from December 1981.Two views of it at New Plymouth on 05-08-1985 with a cargo pannier fitted.Richmond Harding of Wanganui then took it over from 19-08-1988. 

Then we see Tony Mackle of Richmond listed from 17-07-1991. Tony also had the 180 ZK-BJB (and retains it to this day). Tony then picked up the Cessna 180B ZK-BMW and ZK-DXW went to Giotto Holdings (P Higgins and W Denholm) at Rotorua from 11-06-1994.Above. Spotted at Wanaka on 16-02-1996 with the upward hinging door.

And then on 17-03-2000 at Rotorua in a new paint scheme.

White Island Airways also of Rotorua were next to operate it from 17-02-2002.18-08-2003 Christchurch

Its next move was to Gisborne for Farmers Air 2002 Ltd from 05-11-2004. They had a name change to Aerospread Ltd from 24-08-2011 followed by an address change to Napier from 17-02-2012.

Current owner Viking Partnership of Russell came aboard from 30-08-2023.Above ZK-DXW as seen on the 27th of April as part of the Cessna 180/185 flyin at Manuka Point which is at the junction of the Mathias and the Rakaia Rivers. A Matt Hayes photo.

Below ZK-DXW was captured at Omaka by CMM the following day.
It returned to the far North on the 29th.

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