Tuesday 14 May 2024

Rans Outback ZK-YAW at Rangiora update

At last ! I got a reasonable photograph (albeit still inside) of the Rans S-21 Outbound ZK-YAW c/n 0520018 as captured at Rangiora today 11-05-2024.
This was registered to Paul Brydon of Hamilton on 19-07-2023 and I believe based at Te Kowhai.
Paul is now based out near Oxford and I first noted YAW at Rangiora late last year.
It will receive some vinyls shortly.
Paul has previously operated the Micro Aviation B22J ZK-XAM2, the Best off Skyranger Swift        ZK-JAY, the Zenith CH601 XL ZK-JRL and the Aeroprakt A-22LS ZK-SAJ2.

However John Wagtendonk was on the spot at Rangiora on 06-01-2024 and captured ZK-YAW.

Todays photo (14-05-2024) from Aaron Murphy shows ZK-YAW in action at Rangiora.


  1. This is the post that keeps on giving!

  2. It sure does Sir Minty, Yaws faithfully, Peter (Planewriting)

  3. More when we see a colour scheme.