Friday 10 May 2024

A Short Flight up the Waitemata Harbour

Another reason for my flight down the North Shore Transit Lane yesterday was to turn right at North Head and fly up Auckland Harbour.  It seems remarkable that you can do this but you can - just call Harbour Traffic on the Hauraki Gulf frequency 120.4.  Again I flew at 800 feet which gave spectacular views:  (You can click the photos once or twice to enlarge them)

I flew up the Southern shore of the harbour in the spectacular conditions,

Past the container wharves, 

and the CBD with Queens Wharf and the Cloud down there.

Then I turned within the confines of the harbour - that is the Bayswater Marina in the shimmering sea.

and I flew back out on the Northern Shore, again with great views of downtown Auckland.

I tracked just outside the Devonport Naval Base and the Devonport Wharf and on to North Head for my flight back up the transit lane.  I bet you couldn't fly this close to a main Naval Base in many other countries!

Then my camera battery ran out!

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