Sunday 19 May 2024

Kaipara Flats Wings and Wheels (1) - DH Dragon ZK-AXI

The Rodney Aero Club and the Waitemata Vintage Car Club held a very successful Wings and Wheels event at Kaipara Flats airfield today.  It was a fantastic Autumn day and the turnout of both aircraft and cars exceeded everyone's expectations.

There were some wonderful aircraft there that deserve a separate post so I will start off with Stan and Gilly Smith's amazing DH 84 Dragon ZK-AXI which is one of only a very few flying worldwide (maybe only three?):

The Dragon flies a flat approach with no flaps - rather like my Jodel D9.

A wheeler touchdown...

and the tailwheel is nearly down.

Taxying back - the airfield was manicured and the backdrop is nice.

Stan Smith holding while taxying to his parking spot.  He flew the Dragon with just himself as Pilot in Command and that gave a sprightly take off performance!  Such a wonderful sight.

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